The Briix Group opened its first hotel in Kuta, Lombok in 2014 under the company’s founding name – PT Lombok Bau Nyale.

1. Since then, we have evolved into a fully integrated neo-investment-bank and wealth-tech platform with activities in Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Asset Management, and Property Management and Finance.

2. As the scale and ambition of our work grows, we never forget the importance of working to the highest standards across all aspects of our business model. We are driven by an unwavering commitment towards value and wealth creation, and a profound belief that everyday investment decisions can enable both greater social impact and personal financial security.

What We Do

We are a company grounded by a strong foundation of financial and investment expertise. Upon this foundation we have invested significantly in the technology, human resource, regulatory and financial infrastructure required to analyze, structure and market investment opportunities that both generate and maintain long term value creation.

How We Do It

We are a licensed neo-investment-bank and deal exclusively in regulated investment products. Our users gain access to our products via our proprietary and regulated investment platform.

Diverse & Inclusive Work Culture

We have a firm belief that a positive and inclusive team incubates high-performance and strong company morale. Our employees come from a variety of nationalities, skill-sets and cultures and draw strength and inspiration from diversity. We are constantly seeking to expand upon this valuable foundation

We have a team of 20 staff (and growing!) that comes from many varying backgrounds. We believe in having a fair balance between the two: the young-and-energetic and the mature-and-experienced. There’s always something new to learn and something to get inspired.

Ultimately, we want to create a working environment that strongly represent the values of family. We strive to instill a bond beyond work as we deeply value the relationships created within the company.

Siwa Cliff, Lombok

Benefits .

Benefits .

Briix believes that innovative work keeps them energized and employee benefits help them to feel appreciated and empowered. With the Briix employee benefits package, crafted to support financial, physical, and mental health, and work-life harmony.

Health & Medical Insurance

Competitive Salary

Employee Stock Option Plan

Hybrid Working

Individual Development Program

Open Positions.

Exceed your potential. We will challenge you to do the best work of your life and literally defining the future.

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