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Real estate is an integral part of any diversified portfolio. We only offer properties that we are invested in ourselves, which enables us to share the risk with our members.

Properties, Financing & Leasing

Fixed Income Returns

Fixed income is another core pillar within any optimised investment portfolio, and as an asset class is remarkably similar to a property investment. BRIIX has been designed to capture the value created by this coefficient by providing access, research and analysis on fixed income products we invest in to alongside our members.

Fixed Income Returns
Direct Property Investment

Direct Property Investment

Build your physical property portfolio

Start building your own property portfolio.

Receive guaranteed yields from our leasing solutions

Receive guaranteed yields from our leasing solutions.

Unique risk sharing ownership

Unique risk sharing model.

All legal and financial concerns managed by our affiliates

Access to legal and financial advice and management via the same platform.

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Why Briix?

We are changing real estate investment
for the better

Investing Made Easy

Investing Made Easy

Sales, education, finance, legal and management via one platform.

Curated Investment Products

Access to exclusive properties

We only work directly with leading property developers and all projects are thoroughly vetted by our team of global property experts.

Manage your Portfolio

Manage your Portfolio

Watch your portfolio grow through our revolutionary property management tools.

Dynamic Property Marketplace

Scan through our portfolio of exclusive Briix properties and find your perfect match.

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 Scroll through our list of properties and start building your portfolio.